11-22 Newsletter

What a fun week! Third graders did such a great job with the Grandparents’ Day Celebration.  They are looking forward to leading the All-School Thanksgiving Mass on Monday with their 6th grade buddies. We are still hoping to collect Comfort Kits from our students.  Here is the link that explains what should be included in the kit.  A special thanks goes out to our awesome Parent Led Art volunteers Mrs. Wellnitz and Mrs. Wade.  We loved having you in our classroom today!

Earthquake/Disaster Comfort Kits

This week students wrote letters to their Unbound friend who lives in Honduras.  The purpose of the letter was to introduce ourselves and make a connection.  In Religion this week, students studied the Multiplication of the Loaves and completed Fruit of the Spirit Rock painting.  In Reading this week, students completed reading Chapter 2 & 3 of The BFG by Roald Dahl.  Students are understanding the importance of character analysis using text evidence.  Character analysis helps us with comprehending the story.  Students are using FAST character traits to describe their character.  They were using adjectives to describe what characters are like.  Students read non-fiction texts during Read to Achieve time.  In Math, students were multiplying using the number line strategy.    In Science students learned about how scientists such as Thomas Edison used the engineering design process to solve problems and improve technology.

What are PEACEMAKERS?  These are monthly conversations 3rd graders are having about bullying. This occurs on Mondays at 12:30, and is led by Mrs Catherine Dahlgren.  If you would like a recap, here are our lesson synopses.

September – Our first conversation centered on friendship and respect. We discussed what makes a good friend and we revisited the St John recess policy of “Can’t say can’t play”. We also talked about what it means to be a good sport and how this applies to friendship. We read Nobody! By Erin Frankel.

October – Our second conversation revolved around tolerance – what it is, what it
looks and feels like and why it is an important value to practice. We read The
Sandwich Swap by Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah.

November – This month’s topic was bullying (ask your student what the 4 criteria are). We discussed how bullies get their power, the difference between bullying and being mean, and what is our responsibility to stand up to bullying. We read Marlene, Queen of Mean by Jane Lynch.

Quote of the week:  “Remember the past with gratitude. Live the present with enthusiasm. Look forward to the future with confidence.” –St. John Paul II

Food Drive + Helping the Homeless was a huge success! Thank you to all who participated.

Congratulations to the Star Student of the Week:  Jack Longton

We have earned 45 Positive Poms! 5 more to go.

Books connected to our Student Learning Expectations:

  • The BFG by Roald Dahl
  • The Very Impatient Caterpillar by Ross Burach

  • Please email with any questions @ ctraywick@st-johnschool.org

A Look Ahead to Next Week

Homework:  Bring in Comfort Kits & Read 20 minutes each night.

Library:   Please return any overdue library books so students can continue to check out and enjoy new books.

Math: Students will create an Array of Sunshine and review all three multiplication strategies.

Science: We will explore different types of machines and how they help us in our daily lives.  Did you know that machines that Egyptians developed are still being used today?

Language Arts:  Students will continue the Book Study on The BFG by Roald Dahl and write a letter of gratitude to God.

Upcoming Events:

Happy Birthday to You!  — Mae – November 11th  — Mia – November 30th

Monday, November 25 – WEAR DRESS UNIFORM  8:30am – 3rd & 6th Grade Mass GENEROSITY

Tuesday, November 26 – Walk to the Post Office to mail our Unbound student the letters we wrote!

Wednesday to Friday November 27, 28, 29 – Thanksgiving Break

Thursday, December 12 – 3rd Grade Christmas Program