Newsletter 12-13

Third graders were waiting with hope and peace during this second week of Advent.  We discussed and wrote about how we can say “Yes” to God, as Mary did.  We had a blast coding with our Middle School buddies!  Here is the link if your child would like more practice:

Students continued to explore characteristics of narrative fiction, and next week they will be planning out the parts of their narrative fiction story.  They compared narrative fiction and non-fiction texts (the purpose is entertaining vs. informing) with a buddy and identified types of conflict in narrative fiction: character vs. self, character vs. character(s), character vs. society and character vs. environment.  Also, students explored the importance of understanding the point of view.  They found examples in texts that revealed if the story was being told by a narrator (a person outside the story) or by one of the characters in the story.  In Math, students created 4s flash cards and continued to practice multiplying by 0, 1, 2 and 4.  Next week, they will learn 3s and 6s and make flash cards.   In Science students created their magnet projects.  Next week, they will be testing out their designs on Monday and Tuesday to see if they want to make any changes before our big launch on Thursday, 12/19, when our middle school buddies visit our classroom to check out our amazing STEM Magnet Museum!

Next week, we will have Reconciliation on Monday 9:30-10 in the Church and attend Reconciliation with our grade on Wednesday 9:30-10.  The 3rd-5th graders’ Christmas performance will be on Tuesday evening, 12/17.  Please see details below. We are collecting gifts for a local family (information was sent home your child’s yellow folder) during this Advent season.  Please bring in gifts by Friday, 12/20.  We will wrap the gifts on Friday 12/20 morning from 10:45am-11:30, just before we go home for Christmas Break.  Parent volunteers and wrapping materials & supplies are welcome!

Congratulations to the Star Student of the Week:  Adam Warczak

Positive Poms: We have earned 20 Poms! Since we recently celebrated earning 50 Positive Poms, our Pom Party will occur on 12/20. We will watch a G-rated Christmas Movie and enjoy a nut-free Reindeer Chow (cheez-its, pretzels, and rice chex).

Information on 12/17 Christmas Concert:  The Christmas Concert for 3rd-5th is on Tuesday, December 17th and begins at 7 pm in Egan Hall. Students will need to arrive and be in our classroom by 6:30pm to ensure that they are lined up and ready to go when it is their time to perform. The order of the concert is as follows:

3rd Grade – 7:00-7:20
4th Grade – 7:20-7:40
5th Grade – 7:40-8:00

The concert attire is Sunday best. All outfits need to be aligned with the school dress code (skirt lengths, no bare shoulders, collared shirts, etc). Holiday spirit is encouraged, however distracting items such as Santa Claus Hats, anything that lights up, headbands with reindeer antlers, and such will need to be removed for the performance. If you or your student have a question on concert attire, please reach out to

Upcoming Dates:

Monday, December 16 – Reconciliation Prayer 9-9:30. (School Uniform)

Tuesday, December 17  – Spanish Popsicle Party in AM &                                                       3rd-5th Christmas Program

Wednesday, December 18 – Reconciliation for 3rd graders  (School Uniform)

Thursday, December 19 – Pom Party – Christmas Movie + Reindeer Chow

Friday, December 20 – Wrap Advent Family Gifts / Early Release at 12noon           Snack only – No Lunch