Newsletter 2-14-20

Students had a wonderful time making their Valentine bags as well as finishing out the day completing the Parent Art activity.  Students created a Cardinal in Wintertime using oil pastel and watercolor.  As we make our way through this festive month of February, third graders had a special visit from our Counselor, Ms. Shaw.  She informed the students about the fabulous Emotion Potion.  The Emotion Potion helps us several ways. First it allows us (when we are feeling upset about a situation) to stop and reflect about why we are upset.  Next it helps us to communicate and verbalize our feelings slowly, calmly and thoughtfully.  Students acted out various situations and practiced communicating their feelings with the potion, which goes like this: I FEEL…WHEN YOU…CAN YOU PLEASE…?  For example…I feel frustrated when you took my eraser without asking.  Can you please ask me to borrow it next time?

This week in Reading, third graders were learning that finding the author’s purpose can be as “easy as pie”… P = Persuade, I = Inform, E =Entertain.  Before and after we read a text we should think about and answer the question: Why am I reading this text? Why was this text written? What does the author want me to take action onknow about, or imagine after I read this text? We were keeping a pie chart to keep track of which books were written to persuade, inform or entertain.  From Scaredy Squirrel to All About the Polar Region…we are starting to see a good mix!  Students were using context clues to clarify the meaning of vocabulary words like gruesome, perambulator and forlorn with a buddy in our BFG novel study.  Students were locating the definition of the words, they are drawing pictures to show an understanding.  In Writing, students next week will be drafting a second narrative fiction story.  We will continue to work on how to capture the reader’s interest by showing instead of telling when we write.  We will do a mini author study on one of my most favorite writers, Chris Van Allsburg.  The mentor text will be The Misadventures of Sweetie Pie.  Here is a website if you would like to peruse other books written by Allsburg.

In Math this week we started our unit on Division! Students were learning how to use partitioning, drawing equal groups, using a number line and writing a number sentence in order to solve division problems.  Next week we will practice solving one and two-step division and multiplication word problems.  In Science we completed our study on six climate regions.  Next week, students will study plant and animal adaptions within these climate regions.  In Spelling, the focus next week is contractions.  Contractions are written with an apostrophe and the definition of contraction is “to shorten or tighten”.  The opposite is “to expand”.  Contractions can be very useful in speaking and writing.  Remember the famous story by Dr. Seuss, Green Eggs and Ham?  Read it and see if you can form contractions are you are reading this story. For example: “I do not like Green Eggs and Ham”.   The contraction you can make is….don’t.

Quote of the Month:                                                                                                          Love is the key to the problems of the world.  — Martin Luther King, Jr.

Positive Poms:  The students have 25 Positive Poms!

Happy Birthday this month!  Zakayo, Jack, Lila, Ethan and Sophie

Upcoming Dates:

Monday, February 17th – No School / Presidents Day

Tuesday, February 18th – No School / Winter Break

Wednesday, February 26th – Ash Wednesday Mass, Wear DRESS UNIFORM