Newsletter 2-21-20

Students enjoyed this sunny return to school after a nice, long Winter Break! They explored animal adaptations in Science with an in-class hands on learning field trip.  Students are posting their book titles on the Author’s Purpose is Easy as PIE chart.    Students completed a team activity where they read excerpts from texts and had to decide as a group if the purpose was to entertain, inform or persuade.  In Writing, students are drafting a second narrative fiction story.  We read the Misadventures of Sweetie Pie and explored examples of how Chris Van Allsburg used showing instead of telling.  Here is a website if you would like to peruse other books written by Allsburg. In Math this week we are continuing to explore Division! Students were solving story problems using division and multiplication. Next week we will focus on dividing by 2, 5, 3, and 10.  In Science we will start planning out the Animal/Plant Adaptation project next week.

Lent begins next week! One aspect of Lent we will be studying is that it is a time of Almsgiving, which involves giving to others.   Supporting our sponsored Unbound friend is the perfect way to begin the season. Please send $1 with your child on Ash Wednesday — that’s next Wednesday, February 26.  This can be a great opportunity to talk with kids about what Lent is and why we should reach out more than ever to people in need during this time. Thank you for helping give the gift of education to our Unbound friends!

Next week’s spelling words are: cities, cried, stories, puppies, hurried, flies, parties, tried, pennies, fried, carried, babies, countries, spied, ponies, pretty, very, libraries

Quote of the Month:                                                                                                          Love is the key to the problems of the world.  — Martin Luther King, Jr.

Positive Poms:  The students have 32 Positive Poms!

Happy Birthday this month!  Zakayo, Jack, Lila, Ethan and Sophie

Upcoming Dates:

Wednesday, February 26th @ 9am- Ash Wednesday Mass, DRESS UNIFORM, Bring in $1 for our friend in Honduras.

Friday, February 28th – Stations of the Cross @ 2:30

Thursday, March 5 @ 1:30 – School Musical

Thursday, March 12 – Field trip to Burke Museum