Newsletter 9-27-19

This week third grade writers started publishing their pet opinion paragraphs.  We are all enjoying our historical fiction novel, Buffalo Before Breakfast! Students are answering comprehension questions and making predictions at the end of each chapter.  In Social Studies, they organized their 5-subject notebooks and researched their assigned Native American tribe using non-fiction texts.  In Math, students completed Chapter 1 on rounding and identified examples of key vocabulary words: standard form, digit, round, place value, word form, expanded form.  Students also estimated height using  Also, they learned how to play 4 Strikes, one of Mrs. Traywick’s favorite math games, with a buddy.

Four Strikes and You’re Out

Congratulations to our Star Student of the Week:  Caelan Parsons

Hooray, we did it! Our class earned 50 Positive Poms!                                               ***On Thursday, October 10, Students can bring in their favorite stuffed animal to school and will have extra recess time.

Books we connected to our Student Learning Expectations:

  • Buffalo Before Breakfast – by Mary Pope Osbourne
  • Some Pets by Angela DiTerlizzi
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A Look Ahead to Next Week: 9/30

Homework: None due to MAP testing

Here is some information on MAP testing from our school’s website

MAP Testing–A Parent Guide

Religion: We will study the Apostle’s Creed.

Math: Students will be MAP testing in the morning during our Math time.

Social Studies: Next week, students will continue researching and writing information about Native American tribes.

Language Arts:  Students will have Read to Self time, continue studying Buffalo Before Breakfast and understand purpose in  non-fiction articles related to Social Studies in Read to Achieve time.   Students will gather information from print and digital sources; take brief notes.

Upcoming Events:

Monday, September 30th – Reading MAP Testing

Tuesday, October 1st – Math MAP Testing

Wednesday, October 2nd – Language MAP Testing

Thursday, October 3rd – Make-up MAP testing

Friday, October 4th – Field Trip to Blake Island                                                               Remember to bring JACKET, SNACK IN A SACK, Cancel HOT LUNCH                        Lunch menu:

Tillicum School Program Menu

Sunday, October 6th – Hip Hop & Lobster event

Thursday, October 10th – Pom Celebration! Bring a Stuffed Animal to School

Friday, October 11th – NO School / Teacher Retreat